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    learning made simple &
    Stream video content without buffering
    Access ready-made content or create your own
    Use the internet only to sync new content and backup your data
    Save time and money

Meet The ClassCloud

ClassCloud brings an online learning experience with world-class content to any classroom,
with or without internet connectivity. It’s simple to set-up and use.

Built-in WiFi

ClassCloud supports up to 40 tablets or laptops over Wi-Fi. Our set-up app will guide you through an easy set-up process that does not require expertise in IT.

Works Offline/Online

ClassCloud provides the same user experience regardless of whether it is connected to the internet or not. In fact, videos stream faster on ClassCloud than on broadband internet!

Lets you personalize

Zaya’s learning system empowers teachers, trainers, and parents to create unique playlists for students easily and quickly, enabling personalized learning for every student.

Let's get Personal

At the core of our application, lies the ability to personalize plans for every student. Every child learns differently and at their own pace, why should technology treat them all the same?

  • Create personalized curriculum for students
  • Integrate Games, Videos, PDF book
  • Supports easy to make practice and quizes
  • Track student analytics
  • Multi-level assessments
  • Mix and match content to suit individual learners needs

Real-Time Learning Data

The ClassCloud is not just another router or offline learning tool. The ClassCloud runs a full personalized learning platform that allows teachers to meet the unique needs of every learner.

ClassCloud App

The ClassCloud allows you to track individual and class-wise learning performance without you wasting time on grading papers. You can then easily share results with parents and other stakeholders.

See how our customers are using this
  • Instant feedback to students on their progress
  • Provides teachers with data on their classroom
  • Gives parents insight into their childs academics
  • Analytics to teachers on her class and students
  • Syncs online so learning can continue at home


ClassCloud is designed for busy teachers and trainers to assign content to students and keep track of their progress. Students can also track their
progress and learn at their own pace. ClassCloud makes all of this possible without broadband!


No complicated wires. No technical knowledge required. Just a click of a button to open a world of learning.


Ensure that children can access only educational content.


Save money on high-cost broadband and IT support.


Portable. Works with any device, anywhere!

Perfect Solution For Schools with Internet

Does your school have great internet connectivity? You can use Zaya's personalized learning platform with your existing broadband connection. Send us a request to learn more.


Impact Numbers

Schools Reached


Students Learning


Hours of learning delivered


Teachers Trained


Who uses Zaya?

Our goal is to make the power of online learning accessible to everyone, everywhere. ClassCloud is currently used by schools, tuition centers, vocational training centers, and centers for students with special needs.

Lab model

Schools can set up a computer or tablet lab powered by ClassCloud. On a fixed timetable, students go to the lab to practice what they learned in their class with their teachers. They also attempt quizzes that give teachers an instant understanding of how much students have mastered.


ClassCloud can turn any offline computer or tablet lab into an expansive e-Library of videos, books, and practice assessments. Students can use ClassCloud during computer classes, free periods, or regularly scheduled periods. Teachers can also access worksheets, lesson plans, teacher trainings, and other useful tools.

Vocational Centers

Our partner organizations have created their own video content and assessments for skill development programs in workplace readiness and IT. The ClassCloud allows them to deliver the same high-quality trainings in more remote parts of the country. Trainers only need to visit for practical trainings, allowing the organizations to keep their costs down.

Tuition Centers

ClassCloud powers modern tuition centers that are delivering personalized learning after school. Students work at their own pace on their personalized playlists, allowing teachers and tutors to concentrate on smaller groups of students. Teachers can use the data from ClassCloud to understand and address different students’ gaps before exams.

Pricing & Plans

We provide multiple options for using Zaya's LMS with and without the ClassCloud.You can subscribe to content or add your own.